Pieco, Inc.- Rotary surface grinders, circular blade sharpeners

Rotary Surface Grinding

In-house sharpening will enable your operation to have consistent product, through flat surface grinding, while efficiently controlling plate inventory and sharpening costs.

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Rotary Surface

rotary surface grinders

These models are capable of sharpening flat or hubbed orifice plates ranging from 3” to 18” in diameter.

Circular Blade Sharpeners

circular blade sharpeners

Our circular blade grinder is capable of sharpening dual angle and single angle blades ranging from 2.50” to 18” in diameter.

Multi-Arm Knife Sharpener

multi-arm knife sharpener

Our multi-arm knife sharpener has the ability to sharpen mincer machine knives and other chopping & juicer style blades up to 8.5” in diameter.

Involute Blade Sharpener

involute blade sharpener

The IG400 Involute Slicer Blade Sharpener is a simple to use machine, designed to sharpen slicer blades ranging from 10” to 16” radius in size.

Bone Elimination & Meat Reclaim Separation

Our latest product is the patent pending PIECO Bone Elimination and Meat Reclaim Separation Unit,  designed to reduce the potential for bacteria growth and contamination.  Our continuing commitment to address consumer food safety concerns has been the driving force behind this revolutionary product.

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